Museum of Westward Expansion: Dumbest Museum Ever


90% of the artifacts and exhibits here are unidentified–no labels, no descriptions, nothing. We went while waiting to go to the top of the Gateway Arch. Too bad, there are a few interesting items. Thanks St. Louis for keeping America stupid. Free, but not worth it.


Sunset sail on the Caloosahatchee


Sailing lessons don’t get better than this! Opti sailors race the sun at Edison Sailing Center. I never had this much fun on a school night! Lucky Florida kids. Caloosahatchee River, Fort Myers, Florida.


Simply Fluid. Stingrays, Sunset and Cocktails.

Stingrays skim the shore just before sunset on Fort Myers Beach.
Their graceful, undulating moves are nearly hypnotic–especially after a few cocktails. Seen best when the tide is going out, they follow the shoreline in search of tasty bivalves buried in the sand. Coquinas and clams, anyone? Life in Florida is amazing!