I love it when it rains..over Sanibel


Overcast days are some of my favorite beach days. A storm rolled in over the Gulf, cooled everything down and gave us a great show. It’s all good from where I’m sitting. Loving Labor Day! #fortmyersbeach #sanibelisland #swfl #gulfofmexico 


Dolphins Train Human


Walking up and down Fort Myers Beach never gets boring. Today’s escort was a six pack of dolphins that set the perfect pace for at least a mile. Which begs the question, “Who’s training who here?” Now I can check Run with Dolphins off the Before I Grow Up bucket list. LOL. What’s on your bucket list?  #BestTrainerEver #dolphintrainer #dolphintrainshuman #FortMyersBeach #BeforeIGrowUp #b4igrowup #runwithdolphins #FloridaLife 

Frustrated Tourist Kills Wish Lantern on Fort Myers Beach


The magic of a wish lantern is lost when you panic and extinguish it before it takes off. These tourists stomped out more than one wish before they got a few off. If you listen closely, you can hear the man say, “Kill it!” before he smothers it. Sometimes wishes demand patience. Seen near Lani Kai #LostWishes

Go straight to the top–Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. 50 Places to take your kids before they grow up


I wanted my boys to see this spectacular stainless steel monument before the no-fun police deem the trip to the top unsafe. (Yes, you go through a metal detector before entering the visitor’s center.)

Book the day before if you can, then ride the 5-person capsule to the top. Claustrophobic? Slightly. At the summit, you’ll feel every bit of 630 feet high peering out the tiny windows.

Pros: Bragging rights. Only takes 60 minutes if you book the day before.
Cons: Sadly uninformative. Watch the PBS documentary before you go. They charge $7 for the educational movie. Minimal exhibits. Free museum below the arch is the worst I’ve ever seen. No same-day booking for tours to the top.


Museum of Westward Expansion: Dumbest Museum Ever


90% of the artifacts and exhibits here are unidentified–no labels, no descriptions, nothing. We went while waiting to go to the top of the Gateway Arch. Too bad, there are a few interesting items. Thanks St. Louis for keeping America stupid. Free, but not worth it.


Sailor’s Pink Shell Valentine



As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to share some of my all-time favorites. Few and far between are these heart-felt wishes made with love from tiny hands. Here, a sailor’s valentine made with painted jingle shells by my 8-year-old Opti sailor, Patrick. I will always cherish this. Folded note cards with heart print and envelope available at www.etsy.com/shop/SugarBeachStudio