Great Egret Goes Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico


Things to do Before I Grow Up

Fish like a master.

I spotted this graceful guy catching dinner just before sunset. Standing over three feet tall with brilliant white plumage and a bright yellow beak, my nightly beach walk never disappoints.  #greategret #inmybackyard #beachwalke #beforeigrowup #fortmyersbeach #floridabirds

Go straight to the top–Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. 50 Places to take your kids before they grow up


I wanted my boys to see this spectacular stainless steel monument before the no-fun police deem the trip to the top unsafe. (Yes, you go through a metal detector before entering the visitor’s center.)

Book the day before if you can, then ride the 5-person capsule to the top. Claustrophobic? Slightly. At the summit, you’ll feel every bit of 630 feet high peering out the tiny windows.

Pros: Bragging rights. Only takes 60 minutes if you book the day before.
Cons: Sadly uninformative. Watch the PBS documentary before you go. They charge $7 for the educational movie. Minimal exhibits. Free museum below the arch is the worst I’ve ever seen. No same-day booking for tours to the top.


Museum of Westward Expansion: Dumbest Museum Ever


90% of the artifacts and exhibits here are unidentified–no labels, no descriptions, nothing. We went while waiting to go to the top of the Gateway Arch. Too bad, there are a few interesting items. Thanks St. Louis for keeping America stupid. Free, but not worth it.


Sunset sail on the Caloosahatchee


Sailing lessons don’t get better than this! Opti sailors race the sun at Edison Sailing Center. I never had this much fun on a school night! Lucky Florida kids. Caloosahatchee River, Fort Myers, Florida.


Naples Cup Regatta


Gorgeous day for a regatta at Lowdermilk Park in Naples, FL. Great venue for the Naples Cup Regatta. My Opti and Laser 4.7 sailors couldn’t be happier, and I’m loving a day at the beach.



Simply Fluid. Stingrays, Sunset and Cocktails.

Stingrays skim the shore just before sunset on Fort Myers Beach.
Their graceful, undulating moves are nearly hypnotic–especially after a few cocktails. Seen best when the tide is going out, they follow the shoreline in search of tasty bivalves buried in the sand. Coquinas and clams, anyone? Life in Florida is amazing!